Pike lake homes for sale

Pike Lake Real Estate

Situated just east of Center Lake in Warsaw Indiana, Pike Lake real estate is considered one of the premier locations for lakeside living in northern Indiana. The entire lake covers slightly less than 230 acres, but that includes Little Pike Lake and Big Pike Lake. The larger lake covers approximately 200 acres alone, but residents living along the shoreline have direct access to both lakes for recreational activities.

Pike Lake Real Estate Market

When browsing Pike Lake real estate, you will notice that many homes on the market are located on channels. These properties still offer stunning views of the lake, and many will deliver immediate access to sandy beaches and boat docks. Prices may vary for properties in the area, depending on where they are located, how close they are to the water and what upscale amenities are included in the home.

You can find some properties with fenced-in yards or sun rooms overlooking the water, and many have premium landscaping and paved driveways. It's not uncommon to see properties listed with mature shade trees as well, so you can go sunbathing or sailing on the lake and return home for a refreshing drink in the shade. This is a unique lifestyle that is enjoyed by the lakeside residents of northern Indiana, and that lifestyle is one reason that you want to browse Pike Lake homes for sale.

Pike Lake real estate

Pike Lake Homes for Sale

While the Pike Lake real estate market features some spectacular homes that are perfect for entertaining while remaining cozy for daily living, the area's biggest attractions are outside those homes. Both lakes have an average depth of 20 feet and are popular fishing destinations. Largemouth bass are common in most lakes in this area of northern Indiana, but you can also catch bluegill, longear sunfish, black crappie and yellow perch in both of Warsaw's Pike Lakes.

Pike Lake residents also enjoy swimming and playing along the sandy shores, and they can head out onto the water at any time with their boats, kayaks and canoes. For land adventures, residents also benefit from the large campground located along the southeastern shoreline of Big Pike Lake. When the weather turns cold, it's time for ice fishing and snowmobiling, so there's never an excuse to get the winter blues when living lakeside in Indiana. 

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